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this is literally my favourite view

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me: what’s for dinner?

her: *spreads her legs*



so, did you not cook or ….. cause popeyes closes at 10 and i need to leave now if i’m gon make it. 

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It’s not a sundae. It’s a banana split.

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Aye aye @missinglinc, fuck you! Lol

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I’ve had sex with this one particular person on my brain all day yesterday and I woke up with it on my mind again… I think it’s time….I hit that lol

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Yung nigga.

Stay Fit.

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bruh i gotta tell u this story my ex destroyed my soul last night im white and my girl is white so i sent her a snapchat of me with my new girl whos sexier than her and i said the caption moving on the bigger and better things and she sent me a pic of her with her mouth on some huge black dick like 12 inches with the caption me too honestly i cried for a little his dick was like triple my size just imagine her getting dug out with that hurt me inside i still love her








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All on your mouth like liquor…. Prices, email me at Monsterhuge12@hotmail.com